Selling an Inherited Property to a Cash Buyer

Many people receive real estate assets as inheritance from their family. Mostly, they don’t wish to take care of that house or get involved in the repair and renovation, and they wish to sell it as soon as possible.


Trying to sell your inherited property via standard real estate agency processes could mean waiting a very long time even to receive an offer for your house. However, there are other quicker, easier and far less stressful alternatives such as selling your property to a cash buyer.

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Sell your inherited property

A cash sale is an easy way to get a fair price deal for your inherited property, and has a number of advantages over conventional real estate sales. One of them is that you are saved from the hassle of repairs and renovations. Selling your inherited property via a real estate agent will mean that you will need to spend money on repairs and also invest your time in getting renovation done. This is a pain, especially when you don’t live close to the inherited property you could end up hiring less than reputable contractors working on the house, which is likely to cause additional headaches and expenses.

A cash sale, being quick, prevents your house from getting affected by criminal damage. Old and empty houses always attract kids and older criminals and it is best to sell them fast to avoid such issues.

Cash sales help you get quick money, and there are no commissions involved as in the case of a traditional home sale. No more waiting for buyer offers, tiresome paperwork, negotiations and failed deals.

If you wish to sell your inherited property quickly to a trusted buyer, Piper Properties can provide you with the assistance you need. We close deals in as les as 7 days, and are committed to giving you a fair price for your property. Please call us at 414-322-8697 or fill our online form. Our team will revert to you as soon as possible to setup a meeting at a time convenient to you.