Wisconsin Home Upgrades

Wisconsin Home Upgrades

Do’s and Don’ts from Piper Properties Group

As soon as one starts to think about selling their Wisconsin home, they consider making upgrades to the property to attract better prices from potential buyers. However, making too many unnecessary upgrades will only lead to investment of your precious time and money.

We’ve put together a list of upgrades to make and to skip before putting up your house for sale. 

Simple Upgrades to Enhance your Property 

  1. Paint
    A new coat of paint can brighten up the look of your home and cover any surface imperfections in the walls. Painting your walls white can make your rooms appear larger and more spacious Otherwise, opt for neutral colors which appeal to most people. Painting your house is a great and economical way of making an impact on potential buyers. 
  1. Give your Bathroom and Kitchen a facelift
    Kitchens and bathrooms are the two best areas to consider while thinking of a home upgrade. Small changes to these areas can make a big impact on your home without being heavy on the pocket. Think about little things such as resurfacing your cabinets, drawer pulls, and getting new faucets to revitalize these areas. For your bathroom, consider getting a deep cleaning, a re-grout, vinyl tiles to go over your existing flooring, and a pre-fab cover for your shower.
  1. Invest in Landscaping
    Nicely mowing your lawn, planting a few beautiful flowers and trimming bushes and trees is a great way to bring some instant appeal to your home. Put a fresh coat of paint on your mailbox, may be add some hanging plants and a bird feeder to give a well-groomed look to your front yard.

Upgrades you can skip prior to a home sale

  1. Doing the basement
    A basement renovation can become a major project that is time-consuming and expensive. Most home buyers fix up the space according to their liking anyhow, so it’s best to leave the basement as it is. You can account for the unfinished space while pricing the home, and let your buyers know about it.
  1. Adding a pool, patio or deck
    These upgrades come at a hefty price, but offer relatively lesser returns in terms of adding up to the offered price of sale. Instead, you could use pavers or plants to tidy up any open areas.
  1. Any major renovations
    Don’t think of making major changes to your home before putting it up for sale, unless it’s really needed. Investing in major upgrades does not make sense, since most buyers would modify the home to their tastes anyway.

When it comes to upgrading a property prior to sale, keeping it simple is the key!

If you wish to skip upgrading altogether, consider selling your house for cash to Piper Properties Group of Appleton. We buy your home as it is at a fair price. Deals are quick, fast, simple and legit. For more information, contact us at  414.322.8697 .

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